The project

The main objective of the NOISUN project is to demonstrate innovative noise barriers that produce solar energy for distribution to local district heating systems, hence an environmentally sound technology. This will be achieved by installing and evaluating specially adapted solar collectors at a major transport thoroughfare for both road traffic and rail in Lerum. The project will demonstrate that the technology is a well working solution for considerably cutting noise levels from road and rail traffic in European cities, receiving a more attractive near environment, at the same time producing useful energy to the local energy network.

Exposure to noise is a considerable environmental problem in many places in Europe. Noise is also one of Lerum’s greatest environmental problems, as major transport thoroughfares for both road traffic and rail traffic divide the municipality. Although noise is not regarded as life threatening in the same way as many other environmental factors, it is of increasing importance to people’s health and quality of life.

At the same time, Europe has to save energy and invest more in renewable energy sources, so as to prevent global warming from rising more than two degrees Celsius. The Municipality of Lerum will, by 2050, reduce emissions of green­house gases so that the municipality contributes to global warming being limited to two degrees.

Based on the above, the project aims to demonstrate an innovative combination of solutions with regard to measures to combat noise and produce solar energy for heating residential properties and business properties via the district heating system. With a solar collector facility that also functions as a noise barrier, noise disturbance in the area in question will decline and at the same time solar energy will be produced for the district heating system.

The project has been preceded by various research work and small-scale tests, performed mainly by SP on behalf of municipality of Lerum. Based on these results we are confident that the demonstration of the proposed technology will be successful.

The main objective can be split into the following sub-objectives:

  • To demonstrate an optimal design of noise barriers with solar heat production adapted to both road and rail environments.
  • To demonstrate an optimal technical solution for connections to the district heating system and compatibility between solar energy provision and other energy sources in the energy system.
  • To test and demonstrate the technical solutions in a pilot-scale facility along a stretch of the main western railway line and the E20 motorway through Lerum that are known to be exposed to noise.
  • To measure and optimise the contribution of solar energy production to the district heating system.
  • To evaluate the socio-economic effects of the facility based on noise reduction and solar energy contributions to the energy system.
  • To conduct a successful dissemination of the project results to stakeholders, target groups, and other interested third parties. A website will be set up which will give updates on the status of the project, as well as newsletters, articles, various media instruments and direct contact will be employed to reach our target audience.


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