Final reporting of this EU-project is in the final stages. Here is a short presentation of the Project. 

There is now a second sun radiation meter at Noisun. Clouds and railway cables sometimes shadow the first meter and the facility wants to close down despite that the rest of the facility has full insolation. With two meters we get a smoother control and sun energy production. Yesterday, with clear sky almost the whole day, Noisun produced 1760 kWh 77 […]

Today we have a clear sky in Lerum and the Noisun facility has just started delivering sun energy to the district heating system. In February we had a few very good production days, enough to deliver more sun energy than expected. March also had a few sunny days but not as many to produce as […]

Noisun at 9 o´clock

Innovatum i Trollhättan invited Noisun to talk about the project. More from the process perspective than from a technical view. Representatives from enterprises and enterprise developers from the Fyrbodal region (Bohuslän and Dalsland) listened.

The news program Västnytt showed the Noisun project on November 5. They talk about the vision in Lerum to become the greenest municipality in Sweden. I explain how the sun heats water to the district heating system and that this is the first time solar panels works as a noise barrier.

Today we have a clear sky in Lerum. It´s a really sunny day. The Noisun facility has just opened the valves and has started to deliver hot water to the district heating system. The first days in October were very sunny but then we have barely seen the sun until today.

I dag har en kinesisk delegation besökt Lerum för att titta närmare på Noisun, vårt världsunika solfångar- och bullerskydd utmed järnväg och E-20 i centrala Lerum. Kineserna var väldigt imponerade av hur installationerna var utförda och hade många tekniska frågor. Besökarna kom från solenergiföretag och -organisationer runt Peking och Shanghai. I morgon kommer en delegation […]